Benchmark Business Functions for LSPs

Research by Use Case / Benchmark Business Functions for LSPs

Benchmark your business with industry data to reach your business goals.



To get your company to the next level of success requires knowing where you are now and where you’re going. Particularly in a market with so much variability – and no one factor that drives success – it is crucial to be able to define your company’s strengths and weaknesses. The research below will help you take inventory and benchmark against other LSPs in the industry.

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Insights on LSP Maturity

Language service providers come in all shapes and sizes. CSA Research analyzed 30 datapoints on 550 LSPs for which we had sufficient data to calculate an estimated baseline maturity stage. This report presents the average characteristics of LSPs at the various stages of the model to enable executives and managers to benchmark their operations.



LSP Metrix

What does it take to succeed as a service provider in the fast-paced language services industry? LSPs come in all shapes and sizes, yet no single element defines a successful company. This extreme variability begs for structure and definition. As a result of the great feedback on our Localization Maturity Model for buyers of language services, CSA Research undertook the project of building a similar model to evaluate the maturity of language service providers, which we named the LSP MetrixTM.

LSP Business Data
Benchmarking your organization against other language service providers that share the same characteristics as you is an essential part of assessing the health of your company. It also helps corroborate the need for specific investment in order to exceed others' capacity or ensure you are not falling behind. This report contains 53 figures and tables and over 900 datapoints to allow executives and management teams at small and mid-sized LSPs to gauge their performance.


CSA Research will perform an assessment of your company based on the LSP Metrix so that you can develop achievable goals to reach the next level.