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Economic Atlas of Language


The Economic Atlas of Language provides CSA Research’s proprietary measures of the economic value of languages in the digital economy. Based on eGDP – online gross domestic product – the Atlas helps you understand the enterprise value of languages, refine business plans, and align investment with market potential.

  • Language.

This dashboard lets you examine datapoints for specific countries and the languages spoken in them.

  • Country.

This dashboard presents data about the various countries where languages are spoken and their value in them.

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Global Customer Experience CalculatorTM  (B2B Edition)

Expose the gaps in your global audience strategy

Getting the international customer journey right is key to increasing your international market share and creating loyal customers. The Global CX Calculator predicts your accessible audience at each stage of the global customer journey and how much revenue is at risk due to a lack of language support. The Global CX Calculator utilizes the preferences of over 8,700 global consumers in 29 countries.


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Global Revenue ForecasterTM



Hard data to prove the ROI of localization. 

Not sure if your next website language should be Spanish or Hindi, Russian or Japanese? With the Global Revenue Forecaster™ (GRF) from CSA Research, you get predictive business analytics tailored to your company’s business and vertical for the revenues expected from different languages, ensuring that you have the data to make the best decisions for your company. 


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Globalization Maturity Model


Get a research-based roadmap to meet the business process globalization challenge directly.

Regardless of size, vertical, or headquarters location, many organizations still struggle with globalizing their business processes enterprise-wide. We created the Globalization Maturity Model (GMM) to make it easier for you. 

The framework lays out a research-based roadmap to meet the business process globalization challenge directly – at the strategic and operational levels – in 21 categories across five areas: governance, strategy, process, organizational structure, and automation. It enables you to measure, as well as accelerate, your progress in running the non-domestic parts of your business.


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Multilingual Digital Opportunity

Which languages have the biggest reach online? 

The long-running “Digital Opportunity” series provides top-line figures for the total online-accessible economic potential (eGDP) and audience for the 100 most valuable languages. It delivers estimates for the income that can be influenced through online means and the size and per-capita spending power of individuals in the digital economy. This series even accounts for multilingualism – including second languages – and a broader range of locales than previous versions to deliver a more comprehensive view of the role of language in global commerce.


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Global Market Survey


The survey that produces the Top 100: The most trusted ranking of the largest language service providers in the industry.

Every year since 2006, CSA Research conducts the Global Market Survey. While being popular for producing the lists of the largest LSPs in the world, the information gathered is also crucial to bring you the most accurate data on the language industry.


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Localization Maturity ModelTM


Localization is constantly changing - don't get left behind. 

Organizations just starting their global expansion journey – or that need to provide multi-language support for domestic audiences – have less time to figure out how to do it right than they did five to 10 years ago. The transformation has been so great that it has shifted expectations and raised the bar for achieving localization maturity earlier. 

Use the Localization Maturity Model to determine your company's current level, and then create an action plan to reach the next one. CSA Research will even perform the assessment for you


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Let our data guide you in finding the best TMS for your business and use case. 

CSA Research's proprietary MarketFlex methodology can be used to assess a variety of technology and software products. The most recent research focuses on Translation Management Systems (TMS). 

Prospective buyers of a TMS can use the data to quickly understand market requirements and suitability of available solutions – or revisit and
refresh existing knowledge.

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LSP MetrixTM


Determine the best ways your LSP can grow by identifying your current maturity level. 

Benchmarking at its best is used as a tool to help LSPs evaluate company performance and prioritize improvement opportunities. The most successful providers incorporate such competitive assessments into their culture by engaging key decision makers and personnel throughout the process. The LSP MetrixTM evaluates the level of maturity of LSPs based on 70 factors, 19 assessment areas, and 5 dimensions. Use it to spark new ideas and develop achievable goals to reach the next level. 


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