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  • We have leveraged CSA’s research and vast industry expertise for more than a decade. From understanding the evolving supplier landscape to leveraging the latest technology trends, we count on CSA Research to help keep us at the forefront. The recent updates to the “Cant Read, Wont Buy” surveys and the detailed analysis behind it gives us, and the industry, a treasure trove of insights for driving language decisions and informing our internal teams and executive staff.

    Wayne BourlandDirector, Global Translation Team

  • CSA Research has been a trusted source of data and market intelligence since 2012. I have found great value in access to the library, research and webinars. Personal requests for targeted information have always been responded to quickly and with specific, helpful articles. Don and Tahar also did presentations to our board of advisors to help educate them on the market we are in, which was an added value for me.

    Lynn ElfersCEO & Founder of Affordable Language Solutions

  • CSA Research has been a key to the success of our globalization program for over a decade. By providing us with industry insights and access to expert analysts, CSA Research has helped us refine our program and embrace the latest industry best practices.

    Jean-Fran├žois VanreuselDirector of Globalization

  • Working with CSA Research helped KONTEKST in fine tuning our marketing strategy and focusing on the company’s differentiation. We developed effective processes and practices resulting in better client retention and more effective new account acquisition. CSA Research offers great methods and practices to follow when it comes to developing sales.

    Andrzej WolskiCEO of KONTEKST






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