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Research for Marketers

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How Much International Business Are You Leaving on the Table? 




In the digital transformation era, global marketing teams operate in a complex international landscape with multifaceted challenges such as crafting a seamless global customer experience (CX) that complies with local expectations and regulations.

The Research for Marketers Program combines research reports, analysts advisory sessions, and business analytics tools. These tools include: The Global Customer Experience Calculator for B2B and B2C, The Global Revenue Forecaster™, The Economic Atlas of Languages, and The Global Language Benchmarker.


Explore our consumer research powered by data from the Kantar group

"Can't Read, Won't buy - B2C" research based on data from 9,909 consumers in 33 countries. 

Explore our business-based data and research

"Can't Read, Won't buy - B2B" research based on data from 1,116 consumers in 28 countries. 



What's Included in the Research for Marketers Program

The Research for Marketers Program combines research reports, analysts advisory sessions, and business analytics tools. Rely on data and insights to stay informed about the evolving international consumers landscape to effectively market your products.


Optimize your strategic marketing initiatives with the latest expertise in: global branding, international SEO, website localization, mobile apps, voice, and video.

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Business Analytics

Seven interactive and proprietary data tools designed to help you profitably grow revenue and demonstrate globalization investment as an engine of growth.

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Advisory by Analysts

We offer customized solutions tailored to your specific business needs. Work with a dedicated analyst in one-on-one sessions or have them craft customized training for your team.

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Does Your Marketing Strategy Prioritize International Consumers Needs?


Expand Sustainably
in the Right Markets

Upskill your managers to successfully launch and support products and services worldwide by identifying and optimizing processes that enable the expansion of your global footprint.

Global Growth

Learn how to elicit, prioritize, and integrate local market feedback into product and service design and delivery.

Optimize Global Go-to-Market Momentum

Evolve your governance, organizational structure, processes, automation infrastructure, and partners to provide at least the same quality of customer journey in local markets.