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The CSA Difference

About Us / The CSA Difference

The Core Value of Our Brand Is Integrity

Since 2002, our wide-ranging client base has trusted the wealth and depth of our research. Clients value our commitment to the highest standards of primary market research, and we earned their confidence through how we gather, manage, analyze, and distribute aggregate data.

The Power of Trusted Data, Insights, Tools, and Advice

  • Independent Research

    Pure independence – no pay-per-play; sponsored content; white papers; promotion of companies; products or executives; or publishing data and rankings without a written authorization and verification.

    Objective Research

    Quantitative and qualitative analysis and rigorous representative samples that exclude opinions and ensure statistically reliable data and insights, data benchmarking, and visualization.

    Comprehensive Research

    In-depth, 360-degree primary research with language service providers, global buyers, technology vendors, global consumers, and freelancers.

  • Proven Research

    Databases include: technology vendors; 27,000+ language service providers;  8,709-consumer panel in 29 countries; 956-business user panel in 24 countries; 3,000 global buyers; and 348-marketing executive panel.

    Expert Research

    A dedicated and trusted team of expert analysts and data specialists focused exclusively on globalization, localization, internationalization, and global content.

    Actionable Research

    Data, insights, and recommendations based on proprietary market methodologies, representative samples, analytics, advisory services, executive councils, and colloquia.

Our Research Team

Subject-Matter Expertise

All of our analysts have held high-level influencer positions in the language services industry prior to joining CSA Research.

Research Expertise

CSA Research analysts undergo an initial year-long training and continue with regular and ongoing training and development in best practices in market research.

Range of Experience

Our team offers the collective brainpower of daily interactions with buyers, LSPs, technology vendors, investors, and global consumers.

Meet the Research Team



  • WHO AM I?
    Dr. Donald A. DePalma
    Chief Research Officer

    Focuses on market trends, business models, and business strategy

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  • WHO AM I?
    Hélène Pielmeier
    Director of LSP Service

    Focuses on LSP business management, strategic planning, sales and marketing strategy and execution, project and vendor management, quality process development, and interpreting technologies

    My Research
  • WHO AM I?
    Rebecca Ray
    Director of Buyers Service

    Focuses on global digital transformation, enterprise globalization, localization maturity, social media, global product development, crowdsourcing, transcreation, and internationalization

    My Research
  • WHO AM I?
    Dr. Arle Lommel
    Senior Analyst

    Focuses on language technology, artificial intelligence, translation quality, and overall economic factors impacting globalization

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  • WHO AM I?
    Alison Toon
    Senior Analyst

    Focuses on translation management systems and helping clients gain insights into the technologies, pricing, and business processes that are key to executive buy-in

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  • WHO AM I?
    Abdelouaheb Hocine
    Data Scientist

    Focuses on system integration and data validation, analysis, and visualization.

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Proprietary Market Research Methodologies

  • Global Market Survey™: Algorithm to annually size the language services market based on a representative sample of CSA Research’s 27,000 LSPs dataset.


  • Localization Maturity Assessment LMA™: Capabilities maturity model for enterprises to benchmark their localization maturity based on 6657 data correlations from 200 respondents in 15 countries.


  • LSP Metrix™: Assessment tool to evaluate the level of maturity of LSPs based on 70 factors, 19 assessment areas, and 5 dimensions.


  • MarketFlex™: Positioning of technology vendors within an identified market based on 375 factors organized into 20 scoring areas, weighted and balanced in our scoring algorithm.


  • Global Website Assessment Index: Data model to annually map the use of languages and social networks based on a review of the websites of the 3,000 top-ranked global organizations.


  • Multilingual Digital Opportunity: Data model to benchmark the audience size and economic opportunity of the top 100 online languages.


  • Global Revenue ForecasterTM: A data-driven tool to deliver customized revenue forecasts for localized products and services on a per-language and -country basis.
  • Globalization Maturity Model (GMM): A roadmap and benchmarking framework to measure – and smartly accelerate – progress in running the non-domestic parts of your business.

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