Gender and Family Survey (2023)

Gender and Family Survey (2023)

Gender + Family in the Language Services Industry

Issues related to gender and family are vital concerns around the globe. CSA Research's series on how these affect the language services industry in various regions of the world provide much-needed insight into how they play out for language workers.

Our original study, conducted in 2017, revealed that the industry is above average with respect to gender equality, but also pointed out the structural obstacles that women may face in their careers. CSA Research is conducting a follow up study to see if and how the industry has progressed.

The survey is available in Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, German, Korean, Portuguese, and Spanish. Arabic and French will be available soon.

Take the survey here!

Thank you to the following organizations who donated time and resources to test and translate the survey: Argos Multilingual, Latamways, Masterword, OXO, and Women in Localization.

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Learn how the original pro bono project came into fruition and hear about one of the findings from the 2017 results.

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