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Selling Language Services Virtually

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Improve Your Digital Sales & Marketing Techniques

Wondering how to make the jump to a successful sales and marketing plan in a virtual world? Our 'Digital Growth Cookbook' series can help. 

This five-part series aims to help your sales team hone their virtual selling skills as well as improve or grow your business' digital marketing plan. It is designed to be used in conjunction with our original Sales Cookbook series. We are offering the first module for free. 


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We wrote our original Sales Cookbook series to compile years of research and sales best practices into one guide so that language service providers of any size could build a thriving sales structure. The 'Digital Growth Cookbook Series' builds of the best practices in the original series to focus specifically on digital selling. Its main objectives are to help you:



Solidify your growth strategy

Leverage digital marketing

Develop your virtual selling techniques

Lead a digital-first sales team to success


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Support Your Sales Team: Grow Your Business

Your Sales Team is the most important team for your company's future. To keep it running at peak performance requires regular training. One-day workshops and seminars are great...until the high your team gets from attending wears off. This is where the Sales Cookbook Series can help. This series enables sales and marketing managers to dive into each of the 17 reports at their own pace to solidify their strategic approach, enhance their skills, and have a direct impact on growth at their organization. Use them to craft ongoing training customized to your team as a whole, or each team member individually. 

Still looking for that workshop feel?  Work with us to craft a custom package including personalized webinars and training. 

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Just a few of the questions the 'Digital Growth Cookbook' can help you answer: 


  • How do you adapt your growth vision to changing times?
  • How do you deploy the best practices of lifecycle marketing to sell language services?
  • How do you formalize a sales process capable of generating predictable success?
  • How do you refine the management of existing accounts based on their status?
  • How do you energize a dispersed sales team?

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Customer Testimonial

GrĂ¡inne Maycock, VP Sales

"For anyone attempting to introduce process or reignite the revenue engine, CSA’s Sales Cookbook approach is worth the time to both read and apply. Covering topics from targeting the right segments to how to build a healthy pipeline the series also covers nurturing and expanding existing client relationships. Without client retention, growth becomes challenging. The CSA Sales Cookbook covers all aspects from acquisition to growth, retention to expansion in a structured, easy to apply manner.

However, one of the most helpful elements of the original Cookbook series was its focus on quantifying your objectives. Once quantified, the remaining elements help companies and sales teams apply the right people, processes, and measures to achieve success in a structured manner. As Digital transformation and social selling expand, especially in recent times, I am looking forward to CSA’s latest updated modules in the Digital Growth Cookbook. Whether you have been trained in Customer Centric Selling (CCS) or Miller Heiman Large Account Management Process (LAMP) or others, this is a well-structured approach to introducing and executing sales processes across your organization for accelerated and predictable growth."





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