Global Growth Research Series

Global Growth Research Series

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CSA Research's Global Growth Research Series gives organizations the data and analysis they need to plan and execute effective international growth strategies that deliver ROI. 

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"Can't Read, Won't Buy" Series

Our most read research, the CRWB series provides hard data to make the ROI case for delivering localized content throughout the customer journey. It is based on over 8,000 consumers surveyed in 29 languages.

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Calculating the ROI of Localization

Determining realistic projections for the return on investment (ROI) from localization can challenge even companies with highly mature international content teams. This report provides a guide to improving your cost-benefit analysis of localization.

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Global Revenue Forecaster

The Global Revenue Forecaster™ from CSA Research uses data from 540 locales to deliver predictive business analytics tailored to your company’s business. It can show your company the revenue to expect from both adding or dropping different languages.

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Localization, TAM, and Vertical Industry

As companies expand their global footprint, language choice is a critical factor. Most enterprises leave a significant portion of their potential total addressable market (TAM) on the table because they do not support the languages needed to reach customers.

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Premium Customer Experiences

Learn how to design, build, and localize loyalty programs that will be sticky in local markets and meet criteria for generating higher revenue streams from loyal customers who evolve into brand ambassadors.

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Non-English Economic
Opportunity in the U.S.

Enterprises often view the United States as an English-only wasteland, but native speakers of non-English languages in the U.S. comprise the fifth largest GDP in the world. Learn how to address these audience effectively.

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The State of Global Customer Experience

This report identifies the capabilities, technologies, and services that companies must invest in to manage their GCX initiatives, as well as insight into the opportunity and roles for localization teams and language service to support the globalization of CX.

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Multilingual Digital Opportunity: 2019

This major update to CSA Research’s long-running “Digital Opportunity” series provides top-line figures for the total online-accessible economic potential (eGDP) and audience for the 100 most valuable languages.

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Global Digital Transformation:
The Customer Journey

The race for digital innovation offers an ideal opportunity to gain higher visibility and acceptance for business process globalization, which is required to support a comprehensive digital user experience in target markets worldwide.

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Deploying Multilingual
Support Knowledge Bases

Customers are now in control of when, where, and how they engage with brands. Therefore, it’s time for companies to more tightly integrate their multilingual support knowledge bases (KBs) into the global customer experience (GCX).

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Forecasting Global Language Priorities: 2022 and 2027

This report predicts which languages will be needed to reach 97% of the global online addressable market in 2022 and 2027. It reveals the rapid rise of languages from emerging economies in Asia, and a slow erosion of the dominant status of European tongues on the internet.

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Investment Proposal for Adding Language Support for Marketing

CSA Research designed this presentation as an “ROI by example” guide for translation, localization, and globalization teams. Use it as the basis for developing and presenting investment proposals, business cases, or ROI arguments to add languages for marketing content, code, and programs.

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