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Don't make decisions with bad data.

We live in a data–driven world, and it's crucial that the data you use to make business decisions comes from reliable, trustworthy sources. When you work with a CSA Research analyst, you can be certain the data and advice you receive come from both learned experience and ethical research. You will never be outsourced to an external consultant - we already have the experts on staff! 

Our analysts can help you with short–term advisory sessions or long–term consulting projects. Browse below to see some of our most popular services, or give us a call to create a tailored experience. 

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CSA Research
Language Services and Technology RFP Advisory Service.

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  • "The CSA research team has been our trusted advisor for over seven years now; their research and advisory have been critical in our strategy and evolution."

    Andrés Echeverri - President and CEOACSI Translations

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Globalization Maturity Assessment

If you are looking for ways to expand your business and know that translation and localization are just one part of your success as a global enterprise, a Global Maturity Assessment can help you reach that goal.

With a Globalization Maturity Assessment, you'll get prioritized recommendations to address major issues, such as:

  • establishing a globalization center of excellence
  • supporting the global development of customer experience programs
  • establishing foundational requirements for technology
  • supporting business process globalization for all teams



ROI of Corporate Localization Efforts

Get the best data to invest in the right languages, at the right time, and for the right audiences.

Looking for data to convince your manager and executives about the value of investing in languages, both at home and abroad? We have the hard data to support your ROI proposals, business cases, budgets, and investment proposals. You can also use our services to prepare and review presentation drafts to convince executives of the measured value of boosting language investment. We'll help you put data – both your own, and ours from industry research – into powerful ROI and business presentations to take a proposal and story to your C-level executives.

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Language and Market Selection

Questioning which international markets to enter?

Use our data of over 540 combinations of language and countries to choose successfully. 

Looking for data to convince your manager and executives the value of investing in languages both at home and abroad? We have the hard data to support your ROI proposals, business cases, budgets, and investment proposals. You can also use our services to prepare and review presentation drafts to convince executives of the measured value of boosting language investment. We'll help you put data – both your own, and ours from industry research – into powerful ROI and business presentations to take a proposal and story to your C-level executives.

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RFIs and RFPs for Service and Technology

Optimize your current RFP procedure with documented best practices. 

Learn 12 ways to make your RFP work harder for you and six specific areas where you can improve your RFP documents and processes.

Our research shows that language services buyers often fail to craft proposals that deliver the information they need to evaluate comparable services from prospective suppliers. We have also found that most buyers don’t recognize the huge opportunity to use RFPs as a strategic tool to both push globalization forward at their organizations and obtain innovative solutions for consideration.

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Technology Deployments

Identify the best technology for your business.

Vendors will often under- or oversell functionality leaving you less than satisfied with your choice of systems and suppliers. CSA Research can help you find the best technology based on an analysis of your requirements, plans for the future, and needs for integration. We can shortlist technologies and give you an unbiased examination of the options. We can also help you with best practices and strategies for the implementation, deployment, and change management of these technologies. 

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Global Content Audit

Unlock Efficiency and Consistency: Transforming Global Content Management with CSA Research

Analyze your company's multiple content types and workflows to identify focus areas for brand, terminology, and process optimization throughout the enterprise. Use this service from CSA Research to improve brand consistency, identify where MT is - and is not - applicable, and reduce waste in global content management across organizational boundaries. 

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Reviews of Presentations, Business Cases, and Go-to-Market Plans

Do you spend half your time justifying the
existence of your localization team?

When every conversation, email, and presentation need to tell the story of your team's value, we can help. CSA Research will create, review, and even give your presentations. We can also help you prepare before meeting with your executives. We'll provide you with independent data to back up your arguments and defend your requests for ROI, technology and tools, entering new markets, centralizing your localization function, establishing a globalization center of excellence, localizing the customer care function, and supporting business process globalization throughout your organization.

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Workflow Review and Optimization

Make your workflows better–not just faster.

How translation and localization happen has changed markedly over the last decade. Where projects used to dump a few large files, they now drop hundreds or thousands at a time. Some projects continuously generate content that must be organized and translated immediately. We can help you understand the changes in content, process, and technology that drive these changes, and advise you on the best way to productively and effectively move forward.

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Metrics and Dashboards

Create dashboards that highlight the data that really matters.

Buyers struggle to define the metrics and analytics that help a global business succeed, in a form that is easily understood and digested. Many rely on translation reuse analytics and process KPIs and miss out on business-oriented guidance that can help functions much further upstream than the localization team.

LSPs struggle to identify the most meaningful data to expose to their clients and enterprise buyers.

Create dashboards that highlight what really matters − to not only report on key operational functions but also to inform and guide upper and C-level management decisions, align localization metrics with corporate KPIs, and ensure timely and current reporting of data across the enterprise.

We provide insight into: the types of data available from translation, interpreting, and technology suppliers; the needs of other enterprise teams for localization data for customer experience, customer care, and digital transformation; and the use of visual dashboards combining multiple KPIs to help with ROI and business case development.

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Vendor Supply Chain Management

Make sure that your vendor management strategies keep up with technology and best practices.

Our research shows that the most mature localization teams tend to use fewer language service providers than less sophisticated groups. But even the most mature buyers of language services’ list of approved suppliers may not be optimized. Many vendor management strategies have failed to keep up with the times, technology, and best processes available.

We'll review and evaluate the best procurement/supplier list strategy for you and provide data and insight into the best practices and strategies of successful, mature enterprise localization teams. We advise less advanced companies on how to provision their supply chain with the best resources possible – and help major buyers reevaluate their procurement strategies based on today’s market data.

We'll analyze your current model and make recommendations, based on your requirements, volumes, content types, growth plans, and expectations.

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From Marketing Translation to Transcreation

Reach consumers in emerging markets with an effective transcreation strategy.

The competition for consumers in emerging markets worldwide continues to heat up, forcing companies to take local market preferences into account much sooner when developing their messaging and product rollouts. Transcreation – the process of adapting or recreating content in order to deliver the same impact as the original – can play a major role in enabling you to reach local prospects and customers according to their expectations and on their terms.

As you strive to reach more customers up and down the socioeconomic ladder in local markets, it’s probably time to consider transcreation as one tool to communicate your brands more effectively. We have the data to support you in developing your transcreation strategy. We can also help you identify, select, and vet transcreation providers.

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