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MT and the Future of
Language Translation


The rise of machine translation is a critical component of meeting growing demands for language services. How will you determine your approach to MT’s capabilities and technology and prepare for how it will affect your business plans and content strategy?

CSA Research’s thought leadership and expertise in this field identifies relevant trends early on. Our data-driven research provides comprehensive advice for making smart decisions at the right time.


  1. In 2012, CSA Research introduced the concept of Human-Enhanced MT.
  2. In 2016, CSA Research coined the phrase Augmented Translation.
  3. In 2021, CSA Research predicted the rise of metadata-driven responsive MT and responsible MT.
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MT is Constantly Changing – Don’t Get Left Behind

MT is an artificial intelligence-based technology; it is a universal mainstream solution that even smaller businesses can implement.

MT plays a vital role in enabling international commerce and individuals to access the critical content in the languages they need.


Stay ahead by accessing the latest independent and objective research by expert thought leaders in the field and then create a plan of action.

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Why CSA Research?

CSA Research has long been at the forefront of predicting crucial early developments in MT and helping organizations gain a sustainable competitive advantage in their global markets. Our first report on the subject was in 2013: Data Leakage from Free Machine Translation.

This complex topic requires continuous in-depth research by all major user groups, from developers to LSPs to enterprise and non-profit implementers, human linguists, and global consumers who want to gain fact-based outcomes in this field.

  • See the importance of MT in reaching global consumers.
  • See how global enterprises are meeting content demands (GCXC).
  • See how many surveys/interactions CSA Research carried out.

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The Next Generation of Machine Translation

CSA Research has defined the next generation of machine translation and given it a name: Responsive Machine Translation will deliver better results tailored to specific situations that are more relevant and adapt automatically to the situations in which they're generated.

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Why MT Matters More Than Ever

Machine technology is on the cusp of a revolution. Don’t run the risk of being left behind. Find out how your company can keep up to date with the latest MT data-driven trends and recommendations by CSA Research.


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For Global Enterprises

Global enterprises need to provide a top-notch customer experience for clients regardless of where they come from, which means you need to speak to them in their language. Machine translation provides a cost-effective means to provide your clients with non-crucial information they can use, even if it isn't perfect.

For LSPs

In an era of falling translation prices and increasing customer demands machine translation is the way to stay ahead of your competitors.  LSPs that already have machine translation enjoy an advantage in the marketplace.






A Wealth and Depth of MT Research

Cutting through the Hype of MT


Rapidly increasing content volumes does not mean that MT is displacing human translators despite mainstream business and technology outlets continuing to incredulously repeat press release-driven claims that machine translation will soon replace human translators.

MT is not displacing human translators. The reality is far more complex.

A more realistic scenario is one where AI-driven technologies combine human and machine capabilities to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of human translators, a paradigm CSA Research has termed “augmented translation.”

At CSA Research, we cut through the hype, discern what matters, avoid drive-by articles summarizing the past, and deliver trusted data, insights, tools, and advice in this rapidly moving technology.

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  MT Can Increase Your Global Footprint


As organizations grapple with meeting global customer expectations for seamless experiences that are adapted to their language needs when does integrating MT into their business strategy make sense?
Let’s explore some use cases where adopting MT will increase your global footprint.

  • Is your customer experience falling short because you can't deliver content in all the languages you'd like? 
  • Do you find translation, in general, too expensive? 
  • Do you deal with large amounts of content of uncertain value that may need to be translated?
  • Do you deal with user-generated content that customers may wish to see in another language?


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