Mergers and Acquisitions Practice

Mergers and Acquisitions Practice

How We Help / M&A

Identification of Potential Partners

Confidentiality is a top priority at CSA Research.

CSA Research’s in-depth understanding of the dynamics of the industry – coupled with the trust companies have in the confidentiality of our M&A process – is key in helping companies get better bids, fair prices, and better fit.

We thoroughly vet companies interested in and committed to buying or selling horizontally or vertically. We help you improve the target company’s performance, gain access to new markets, acquire needed skills or technologies, exploit scalability, and improve competitive positioning.

Contact Us

Interested in an acquisition or merger? The year 2020 set a new record for M&A deals, but there were many more that didn’t close – 396 companies in our Global Market Survey told us they had been contacted by someone wanting to buy them or that they themselves had expressed interest in buying another company. Don’t waste valuable time in unproductive M&A discussions. Talk to us first. We can help you avoid the most difficult and time-consuming tasks in the M&A process, thus making it more efficient, effective, and profitable for you.

What We Do

Assess companies’ M&A readiness and review their leadership’s vision of how the businesses will fit together
Perform a detailed analysis of your corporate strategy, needs, and requirements and advise you on the best M&A strategy options
Identify and select the best-aligned candidates from our verified databases, including options from outside of the industry
Focus the search on the three most viable candidates to help you achieve the highest close rate.

How We Do It

To guarantee a faster and successful M&A outcome, CSA Research analysts:

  • Review your business M&A strengths and weaknesses
  • Assess the value of your business, management team, growth potential, and profitability trends in today’s market
  • Help you prepare a synopsis of your business with a focus on differentiation and strengths
  • Identify and select the best fit from among companies seriously interested in M&A
  • Contact and assess those companies with a strong value proposition
  • Arrange the initial introduction and subsequent meetings
  • Advise you throughout the negotiation process