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Global Language Services Market Report 2017-2020" Released at Language Services China 40 Annual Forum in China

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(BOSTON and BEIJING) -- Language Services China 40 (LSC40), a China-based non-governmental organization consisting of 40 experts in the language services field, announced the release of CSA Research’s “Global Language Service Market Report 2017-2020” at its annual forum. The event was broadcast live online via TTV.CN and attended by 11,000 experts, scholars, and practitioners from the language service industry.

“Global Language Service Market Report 2017-2020” consists of eight important reports released by CSA Research from 2017 to 2020, covering the latest developments in the global language service market and the cutting-edge data of Global Top 100 LSPs. The book—translated into Chinese, printed, and widely distributed—provides practitioners with an important way to understand the profile of the global language service market and gives Chinese LSPs criteria to benchmark their performance against international counterparts.

CSA Research’s CEO, Tahar Bouhafs, presented via video at the ceremony. Bouhafs comments, “This project provides reliable primary research for Chinese buyers of translation, LSPs, and investors who can now rely on CSA Research’s trusted market data, research, and insights.”

During the release ceremony, Professor Wang Jihui of Peking University and co-chairman of LSC40, revealed that in recent years the language service industry had developed rapidly, far exceeding everyone's expectations. He forecast that the discipline of language services will continue to be a hot topic in the Chinese education community.

Professor Wang Lifei of Beijing Language and Culture University, the co-chairman of LSC40 and one of the book’s translators, introduced the translation of the book, with deep appreciation to CSA Research's loyalty-free authorization. 

“Professor Wang and Dr. Meng have worked closely with our team for two years on both promoting our global market study in China, and the translation, printing, and distribution of the book. We greatly appreciate this collaboration,” comments Bouhafs.

For more information on the global market study, visit Watch the recorded broadcast of LSC40 here

About LSC40

Since its establishment in 2017, LSC40 has gathered top experts and scholars in the Chinese language service field, attracted many well-known language service institutions at home and abroad, and integrated important research deliverables and resources in the language service sectors, providing language service wisdom and solutions for China's new development, and effectively promoting China's language service academic innovation and industry development.

About CSA Research

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