The Science Behind “Can’t Read, Won’t Buy”

As a continuation of our firm’s long-running “Can’t Read, Won’t Buy” series, CSA Research again worked with survey specialist Kantar. To gather the verified and comprehensive samples of consumers and business users, Kantar vetted 31,933 consumers around the globe. They eliminated thousands via their patented Honesty Detector software, filters, and trap questions to yield 8,709 verified consumer responses, and surveyed 6,703 business users to yield a sample of 956 responses in 24 countries. The CSA Research team of senior analysts and data specialist analyzed the data, producing the “Can’t Read, Won’t Buy” research series.


Why Kantar?

With 30,000 employees working in 100 countries, Kantar has developed the biggest preselected global consumer and business panels on the market, which means unrivalled depth and reliability of global data collected in compliant ways.


For the majority of our research, our team of data scientists, statisticians, and analysts collect representative samples. To produce a global study of this magnitude, partnering with a company like Kantar is mandatory.


Reputable market research companies rely on the large expert data collection groups for their consumer samples and data. For example, Forrester Research uses the NPD Group.


Accurate Data to Make Informed Decisions

“No data” is better than “bad data” and the first step when using market research is to test and vet the information sources for credibility.


To help you verify and trust our representative samples and data, here’s the link to how the Kantar group selects and maintains the right respondents, as well as how they measure quality and provide the most consistent set of validations.