COVID-19 LSP Survey 6 Data: Overall Results

Since CSA Research regularly surveys CEOs of the world's largest Language Service Providers (LSPs)

to gauge business confidence as well as the evolving impact

 of the pandemic on the language services industry. 

Following are the results of our sixth installment with results from a survey conducted at the end of Q2 2021.  

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    What has been your experience        in Q2 2021 regarding demand,    revenue, and new business? What changes do you expect during Q3 and Q4? 




What has been your experience in Q2 regarding demand for the following services?


What is your overall feeling about the future of the language services and technology sector?



If your revenue increased compared to Q1, to what do you credit your growth? 

Respondents could select all that apply.




If your revenue decreased compared to Q1, to what 

do you attribute this result? 

Respondents could select all that apply.





How would you describe your degree of technology adoption and innovation? 







How easy is it for your team to sell the following services to clients? 

Responses include only LSPs that provide the service in question.


Do you agree with the following statements?