COVID-19 LSP Survey 2 Data: Overall Results
As we did in March 2020, CSA Research has surveyed the CEOs of the Top 193 LSPs to check the current pulse of the industry related to the COVID-19 pandemic.
These are the overall results from the 115 responses received.


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What is the state of your application to any government programs for funds to help with payroll?

Choose the statement that best describes your experience with your local or national government.






How satisfied are you with your government’s response to the pandemic?

Answer for both local (top right) and national (bottom right) government.




How has COVID-19 affected your business as of today?



Quantify your loss of revenue compared to the same period in 2019.




How long do you expect COVID-19 to affect your business?

Which issues do you worry about the most?
Rank them from greatest (1) to least concern (7).


Now that most people are working remotely, how much do each of the following issues affect your business?



Which initiatives do you have underway or have already implemented to resolve some of these issues?



Thinking about the world after the COVID-19 pandemic, please rate whether you expect increases or decreases in the following compared to before the pandemic.




Which of the following actions have you taken or do you plan to take regarding your staff?





What would you improve in your business continuity plan for the future?





Regarding work coming in, have you experienced the following?




Rate your degree of agreement with the following statements.





How has your content mix shifted since COVID-19 began?



What do you expect to happen to the language spend from your clients...



What do you expect to happen to your clients' upcoming releases for products, services, or programs that were planned prior to the start of COVID-19?



Since the pandemic started, have you conducted any of the following initiatives?




How has demand for language services been affected? Respondents were instructed to answer only for those verticals in which they currently have clients.

Increases: Top Right

Decreases: Bottom Right