COVID-19 TMS Vendor Survey Data: Overall Results
CSA Research surveyed technology companies to see how COVID-19 was affecting their business.
These are the overall results from the 18 responses received.


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Which type of TMS do you offer?

Select all that apply.


Do you see a change in the expected amount of translation routed to machine translation (MT) compared to your pre-COVID-19 projections?

Those TMS vendors that sell and support software that resides within their customers’ own datacenters – on premise – do not have always have access to information about word volumes, MT use, or other types of data. Therefore, several of these charts show high responses as “I do not know or do not have access”.





How has COVID-19 affected your business as of today?


How have your sales of TMS technology changed by percentage of your forecasts due to the COVID-19 pandemic?





How long do you expect COVID-19 to affect your business?





How satisfied are you with your government’s response to the pandemic?

Which issues do you worry about the most?

Rank them from greatest (1) to least concern (7). Drag and drop the issues to reorder them.


How have overall volumes processed through your system changed by percentage of your pre-COVID-19 expectations?



Considering your typical customer rather than overall volumes, how have volumes changed as a result of COVID-19?



Have you seen any unexpected change in language requirements since January 1?

Select all that apply.




Compared to what you expected or planned before the COVID-19 pandemic, how would you characterize your TMS sales since the beginning of 2020?

Select all that apply.




How well-positioned do you feel you are to succeed during and after the COVID-19 pandemic?