Global Customer Experience Calculator

Global Customer Experience Calculator

The Global CX Calculator (B2C Edition)

B2B Edition - Coming Soon

How much of your international audience’s attention and spend are you capturing? Are you losing global customers to your competition? Learn how much more can you capture with CSA Research Global CX Calculator.

We based the Global CX calculator on our detailed analysis of the buying preferences of more than 9,909 online consumers in 33 countries.The Global CX Calculator helps you understand how well your localization efforts perform across five crucial steps of the customer journey, from browsing and evaluation to repeat purchase. Use its output to improve the return on investment of your localization efforts.

Use the Global CX Calculator to gain insights into:

  • How your international customer experience is performing
  • How much growth you could gain by improving language support
  • Where to target international efforts to improve brand awareness and global sales
  • How to gain buy-in from executives on improving or adding language support
  • How to enable globalization acceleration and drive global business value

The Global CX Calculator takes in information about your site or app’s support for specific languages to predict your total addressable audience (X axis) at 5 stages of the customer journey (Y axis).

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The Global CX Calculator Gives You Insight Into: 

Accessible audience at each stage of the customer journey

How much of your potential audience reaches each stage

How much of your audience you will lose due to lack of language support.

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Where does the data come from?

Predictions of the Global CX Calculator are based on the individual preferences of 8,700 consumers of online goods and services surveyed in our 3rd edition of “Can’t Read, Won’t Buy” research.

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How will CSA Research use my data?

We use the aggregated data submitted to understand what users are interested in. We do not retain your individual answers. We will only use your personal data to contact you if you opt in to receive communication from us. CSA Research does not disclose your data to any third parties.


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