Globalization Maturity Assessment Tool

Globalization Maturity Assessment Tool

The Globalization Maturity Assessment Tool allows you to benchmark global-readiness across five competencies:
strategy, governance, process, organizational structure, and automation. Download custom guidance
for your organization to enable executives, management teams, and colleagues identify and address
gaps that keep them from delivering optimum global customer experiences. 


       Assess your global-readiness

Why use the Globalization Maturity Assessment Tool

Benchmark progress in expanding your global footprint

Achieve this for one or multiple functions based on the longitudinal data that underlies the Globalization Maturity Model™.

Identify and prioritize the gaps in your global CX

Enhance global customer experience to be as good as – or better than – the one for your original domestic audience.

Develop metrics for business process globalization 

Enable all functions to meet local audience expectations by equipping them with the right metrics to assess their performance.

Present the most compelling data to support your case

Implement a roadmap to ensure that you capture the next generation of customers – before your competitors do.

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Benchmark global-readiness across five competencies

Zero in on strategy, governance, process, organizational structure, and automation.

Identify and address gaps in global expansion capabilities

Uncover and analyze strengths and weaknesses at the team and enterprise levels.

Share results, based on the Globalization Maturity Model™, with executives, management teams, and colleagues

Review the custom report that evaluates your current stage of global-readiness, along with recommendations on how to advance more quickly to the next stage.

 Access research-based better practices and tools to fix what needs to be fixed

Download personalized guidance to enable your organization to prioritize its next steps to adjust strategy and execution plans.


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