Global Leadership Council

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Invitation-Only Network of Peers

The Global Leadership Council is an invitation-only network of peers collaborating under the guidance of CSA Research. We provide access to expert analysts, member-driven independent research, and in-depth dialogue at events to guide council members to work together to:

  • Re-energize their business thinking and strategy
  • Identify and understand market forces
  • Incorporate new services and technologies in their business models
  • Promote the globalization function
  • Help profitably grow their global businesses

The Takeaways

Power up your thinking and make smarter decisions using our market research framework.
Collaborate and benefit from an exclusive network of peers in a confidential venue to better understand, plan for, and co-create best practices while confronting changing market forces.
Connect the lonely executive to an exclusive group of thought partners in face-to-face, research-driven summits designed to develop strong connections, fresh perspectives, and practical guidance.
Inspire and challenge the leader in you with direct access to the industry’s best minds and forward-looking, members-driven research.
Embrace the future while accelerating change and learning curves to better understand emerging and new global business models.
Interact with peers to reduce the echo-chamber risk by engaging in in-depth, research-based discussions that offer more benefits than what you typically get from conferences or industry associations. Contact us to identify the right leadership council for you.