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Our reports, data visualizations, and webinars are accessible in a high-powered, intuitive search platform with a series of interactive tools to annotate and clip content for later use. Research for buyers centers on six core research areas.

Strategic Planning

Need hard data to support strategic and budget projections for business cases, ROI proposals, globalization initiatives, and language selection? This research includes recommendations for how to approach and present to executives as you show them why investing in local markets is a critical and ongoing business process.

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Business Model

Learn how to build and evolve international business models over time. We provide benchmarking data in five areas (strategy, governance, process, organizational structure, and automation), along with guidance for metrics, effective organizational setups, and staff management.

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Organizations require the latest analysis to understand how multilingual content creation and delivery are evolving to support their global digital transformation. Use this research when your team is establishing or enhancing its workflow to optimize for linguistic quality, Agile and continuous localization, terminology, post-edited machine translation, or transcreation.

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Using independent qualitative and quantitative research with technology and service providers, we analyze the latest trends and provide data-driven recommendations for how to vet technology for enterprise translation automation, translation management systems, machine translation, interpretation, connectors, and a variety of other technologies.

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Vendor Management

CSA Research frequently interviews and surveys language service providers to document how they can improve their performance. Explore the latest information on the vendor landscape – including our in-depth “Language Services Market” report, supplier selection and management, and insights into the inner workings of LSPs.

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Global Digital Marketing

Creating the optimum global digital experience requires the latest expertise in the following areas: global branding, international SEO, website localization, mobile apps, voice, and video.

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