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Our reports, data visualizations, and webinars are accessible in a high-powered, intuitive search platform with a series of interactive tools to annotate and clip content for later use. Research for LSPs centers on seven core research areas.

Market Overview

Get up-to-date qualitative and quantitative research on the language services market – including the popular industry “Language Services Market” report – covering overall trends, the future state of the industry, who’s who, and vertical-specific data.

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Buyer’s Perspective

Access our research with Global 3000 enterprises to discover how to get into the buyer’s mindset, refine service offerings, improve branding and marketing messages, acquire new accounts, and nurture and grow your existing customer base.

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Trust the data and insights from our management research to benchmark your organization, refine your strategic plan and differentiation, and make business decisions to support profitable growth.

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Explore insights on everything from sales management, to market segmentation, sales and marketing strategies, and the care and growth of existing accounts.

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Specialty Services

Delve into essential data about specialized services, including content services, interpreting, post-edited machine translation, and localization.

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Learn about production models and processes for project and vendor management, and review resources on standards and supply chain issues.

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Get the latest insights on technology trends and vendors, adoption patterns, the role of translation management systems, machine translation, artificial intelligence, and more.

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