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2024 Planning: Are you ready for Generative AI?


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Research Reports

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GenAI and LSPs

GenAI and MT

GenAI and Language Strategies

GenAI and Ethics and Inclusivity

GenAI and Multimedia Localization / Dubbing

GenAI and TMS

GenAI and Copyright

GenAI Prompts






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AI Increases Collaboration Opportunities for Product Managers and Localization Teams

How Product Managers and Localization Teams Can Collaborate for International Growth. Explore the key areas where these teams can join forces to drive global product success.


Generative AI and Copyright: Unraveling the Complexities

Addressing Copyright Concerns with Generative AI: Debunking Myths and Legal Implications. Don't let misinformed lawsuits deter you from utilizing GenAI; focus on genuine challenges in AI adoption.


Are You Ready for a Barrage of GenAI Inquiries?

Prepare for the GenAI Transition: Six Key Strategies. Get ready to tackle questions about switching to Generative AI (GenAI) with these proactive steps for your localization team.





GenAI Disruption Drives LSP Transformation

2020's Disruptions & Future of Language Services: From COVID to Generative AI. Explore how LSPs adapt to systemic changes, harness AI, and aim for a strategic role in global operations.




Is GenAI Going to Replace NMT?

GenAI and the Future of Language Services: Can It Replace NMT and Linguists? Exploring GenAI's translation capabilities, integration challenges, pricing concerns, and broader applications.


What Do Harry Potter and Generative AI Have in Common?

Generative AI: Writing the Right Spell for Magic Results. Discover the potential of Generative AI beyond translation and how prompts can unleash its magic for Language Service Providers.


Governmental Focus on AI May Bring Scrutiny to the Language Sector

The AI Act and the Language Sector: Navigating Future Regulation. Explore the potential impact of the AI Act on machine translation, language technologies, and compliance for language service providers.


AI for the Good of Humanity

AI's Double-Edged Sword: Deep Fakes, Scams, and Life-Changing Services. Explore the challenges and benefits of AI technology in communication, accessibility, and its impact on society.


“Misusing” Large Language Models and the Future of MT

 Machine Translation: The Dangers and Potential of Large Language Models. Analyzing the impact and risks of recent AI model releases like Galactica and ChatGPT on the translation industry.


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