Localization Maturity Assessment

Localization Maturity Assessment

Localization Maturity

Meeting the expectations of prospects and customers in global markets can be as challenging as it is critical to your success. CSA Research can help.

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Our Localization Maturity Assessment, a 360° review of the localization and translation function inside an organization, is based on the proprietary Localization Maturity Model developed by CSA Research, a proven method of determining the maturity of a company’s globalization efforts.

If you find yourself asking any of the following questions, an LMA can give you the answers.

  • What do we measure to show performance of our localization initiatives?
  • How efficient and effective are our globalization efforts?
  • Are our processes optimized?
  • Do we have the right organizational structure to support our efforts?
  • Do we have the right technology to support our efforts?
  • Is our localization strategy aligned with corporate goals?
  • Does our management team understand what we are doing and why?
  • Do we have the right level of management buy-in and support?
  • How well do we stack up against industry leaders? What are they doing differently?
  • When all is said and done, are we getting the best return on our localization investment?

How an LMA Works

An LMA consists of the following basic elements, typically conducted over the course of eight to twelve weeks.



with the globalization or localization manager


of relevant materials such as organizational charts, process documents, and charters


(both on-site and remote) with localization managers, their reports, their management, select executives, and major stakeholders


of acquired information, using the LMM as a guide


prepared by CSA Research, outlining issues, assessing the maturity level of the organization, and identifying major recommendations on improvement activities

Presentation (Optional)

to various stakeholders