10 Facts about CSA Research's 2019 Global Market Survey

Proven market research methodologies | Representative sample | Validated and verified statistical data | Insight from experienced analysts | Over 16 years of independent and objective market research

Developed by CSA Research’s analyst and statistician team and now in its 16th year, we test and validate the 50-question survey results using a proprietary methodology with more than 500 datapoints and hundreds of correlations.

To qualify as an LSP in our continuously updated database of more than 18,000 firms, companies must have two or more full-time employees, a minimum level of revenue by region, and visible market activity.

To produce accurate and reliable data, and include companies with fiscal years ending before or on March 31st, we conduct our recruitment, validation, and verification of data from January through May.

We obtain comprehensive data from a representative sample that we compare against the total population of LSPs to ensure statistically reliable market sizings and metrics.

CSA Research’s proven proprietary algorithm runs on custom-programmed statistical software to carry out computations on multiple categories and validate data and changes in LSP data over previous years

This popular by-product of the survey includes the immutable Top 100 LSPs™, eight regional rankings, and a list of the fastest growing LSPs. Once a year, we rank companies that have authorized us in writing to publish specific datapoints.

Using the aggregated data from the survey and hundreds of correlations, we produce in-depth reports including “The Language Services Market: 2020,” data benchmarks, and our data visualization series.

Seven CSA Research analysts produce these data-based reports, each providing insights and expertise on specific areas of focus. 

Thirty investment firms rely on our data and insights to understand the language services market and players, and to evaluate opportunities and risks.

This is the most popular research with our clients – with more than half of those being buyers of language services and technology.