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Insights for Buyers

Insight for Buyers is a research program for global enterprises, government, NGOs, and other entities that produce global content and purchase language services.

We gather, analyze, and curate the data you need for faster and smarter decisions. We provide the hard data and expertise to help you win the investment argument and sustainably grow your international business. Then we guide the various teams as they globalize their business processes to meet the growing expectations of audiences worldwide.

How We Help You

With a 24/7 focus on global business, the analyst team at CSA Research brings years of research and expertise to help you achieve global success and excel in local markets.


Use CSA Research’s Localization Maturity Model™ and data to compare your strategic performance and process strength with peers and competitors.


Leverage our hard data and expertise to develop and build the ROI and business models that will guide your international investment decisions.



Learn how to globalize business processes across your organization to be ready for your next generation of customers.


Gain access to new markets and customers. We guide you in profitably growing international market share in the extremely competitive global market.

Our Services for Buyers

  • Research

    Comprehensive and continually expanding database of actionable reports, presentations, spreadsheets, data visualizations, and research-based webinars.


    Advisory & Consulting

    Inquiry, advisory, and consulting services delivered by analysts based on data and insights from our primary research.



    An invitation-only network of peers collaborating on member-chosen topics under the guidance of CSA Research.