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Insights for LSPs

Insights for LSPs is a research program for language service providers (LSPs), global content service providers (GCSPs), and investors.

We gather, analyze, and curate the data that GCSPs and LSPs need for faster and smarter decisions. We provide the hard data and expertise to help you optimize your operations, grow your business profitably and sustainably, and respond to clients’ needs in an ever-changing market.

How We Help You

With a 24/7 focus on global business, the analyst team at CSA Research brings years of research and expertise to help you achieve global success and excel in local markets.


Differentiate your brand, company, and products and outperform current and potential rivals by establishing a difference that you can preserve.


Profitably grow your business and avoid costly mistakes by leveraging primary data, gaining insights, and benchmarking against peers and frontrunners.



Select the right technologies and vendors; build scalable processes; and hire, train, and retain the right employees.


Understand your buyers’ pain points, educate your clients and prospects, and elevate language to a business-level topic in your product development and sales and marketing engagements.

Our Services for LSPs

  • Research

    Comprehensive and continually expanding database of actionable reports, presentations, spreadsheets, data visualizations, and research-based webinars.


    Advisory & Consulting

    Advisory and consulting services delivered by analysts based on data and insights from our primary research.



    An invitation-only network of peers collaborating on member-chosen topics under the guidance of CSA Research.


    Mergers & Acquisitions

    A practice based on in-depth understanding of the dynamics of the industry and the trust companies have in the confidentiality of our M&A process. We help companies get better bids and prices, while finding the perfect fit.