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CSA Research uses LocHubs unmatched crawling capabilities to expand our long-running Global Website Assessment Index and Digital Opportunity services. LocHub enhances CSA Research’s ability to measure and analyze best practices and competitive differentiators across thousands of leading websites across dozens of verticals. 

LocHub's modern website technology and error categorization can crawl websites, whether they are built with  today’s micro-service or componentized models, or classic solutions. A headless analysis platform that runs in the background, it uses the latest analytic and diagnostic software to provide near real-time intelligence.

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What It Means for You

Using our Localization Intelligence Analyzer, powered by LocHub, you can easily and reliably benchmark your localization effectiveness against industry competitors. Get the same data for companies of the same size in other sectors, those targeting the same countries as you, those with similar localization scope to your company, and a range of other criteria.


Powered by LocHub

Use the data and analysis from the Localization Intelligence Analyzer for:

Tactical Analysis
Benchmarks such as language or locale support and the depth to which the site has been localized help companies find and fix flaws in their global customer journeys. These include performance lags, mismatched content, and other common and even unusual problems with multilingual sites.
Strategic Decisions
We can analyze the sequence in which languages have been added, as well as analyzing the incremental effect of language support on business objectives over time by correlating results with KPIs and other measures. By connecting that observed and crawled data to our historical repository of data and insights, we can help companies make strategic decisions that too often have been based on anecdotal evidence and gut feel.

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