CSA Research and mct, Inc. Partnership

CSA Research and mct, Inc. Partnership

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CSA Research partners with mct, Inc., a Daishinsha Group company

CSA Research、 株式会社mct(大伸社グループ会社)との提携合意書を締結 


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To help global organizations effectively reach new customers in Japan, and Japanese companies expand to new markets, CSA Research has teamed up with Japanese market research and consulting firm mct, Inc., a Daishinsha Group company.


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CSA Research partners with mct, Inc., a  Daishinsha Group company

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CSA Research 株式会社mct(大伸社グループ会社)との提携合意 書を締結 プレスリリースを読む 



Complimentary visual report for professionals at Japanese companies 

"Going Global for Japanese Brands"

This visual report helps Japanese brands understand the competitive landscape and value of languages for their global strategy so that they can address international markets more effectively. 

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To mark this alliance, CSA Research and mct, Inc. will host a virtual launch event with a presentation by Dr. Donald A. DePalma, Senior Analyst at CSA Research. This virtual event is free of charge to professionals at Japanese companies with an interest in improving their global, competitive position. A recording will be available for people in other time zones.

Launch Event Details:

“Globalization Opportunities and Risks for Japanese Companies” (Webinar)

Featuring presentation by: Dr. Donald A. DePalma, Senior Analyst, CSA Research.

Dec 09 (Thu) at 09:30 AM to 11:00 AM (JST)

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