RFP Advisory Services

RFP Advisory Services

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Advisory Services

Improve and streamline the procurement of language services and technology.


  • Does your organization sell and support products or services to customers around the world?
  • Are you tasked with making your organization's global content supply chain more efficient?
  • Do you manage the procurement of language services (translation, interpreting) or language management technology (translation or interpreting management systems, machine translation, and MT), voice services such as synthetic voice or transcription, or global content management suppliers?
  • Does your organization struggle to balance the cost of being global with the value of international markets?

If you answered "yes" to any of the above, CSA Research has the data and research to assist in your procurement and decision-making processes.

Let’s Get Started

Language Services and Technology RFP Advisory Service


CSA Research’s RFP Advisory Service is based on extensive research and consulting by our analysts, plus interactions with large enterprise procurement teams, language service providers, and technology companies.

Pre-RFP Advisory Services


Work with our team before starting the RFP process for language services or technology services.
Our research-based services help you determine:

- Is an RFP the right choice?

- Who should be involved in the process?

- Targets and criteria for identifying if these goals are met.


RFP Preparation


Our research-based advisory services guide your team through a successful RFP process.
- Best practices for RFP templates and forms to allow easy comparison of tenders/bids/responses.
- Weighting analysis - what are the priorities?
- Question and topic review for:
          - Language services
          - Language technology including translation management systems (TMSes), interpreting management systems (IMSes), machine translation (MT), and AI-enhanced services for language management including voice and video.

RFP Submission Analysis and Review Services


- Data and pricing analysis to make the buyer's comparison easier.
- Advisory for shortlisting suppliers or advisory for change management when onboarding a new provider, moving between suppliers, or introducing a new language management tool or process.