Citation Policy and Usage Guidelines

Intellectual Property and Usage Guidelines

All information provided by Common Sense Advisory, LLC-d/b/a-CSA Research, in any form, ("Information"), is proprietary information that belongs to CSA Research and is protected by United States and international copyright law and conventions. Except as set forth herein, direct or indirect reproduction of the Information, in whole or in part, by any means, is prohibited without the express written consent of CSA Research.


Intended Uses

Adherence to rigorous research methodologies and independence are core values at CSA Research. All research is intended to be used internally by our Clients. From time to time, Clients and third parties seek to cite Information in internal and external materials. The following guidelines set forth the rules for such usage.


Authorized Uses

CSA Research Clients may quote CSA Research information, subject to the "Master Agreement" and the "Commercial Use" policy, which is outlined below. All quotes must reference the specific report and company name as the publishing body and/or authoring body.

When quoting research, citations must include: Source: "Name of Report," CSA Research, Month and Year of report. When sourcing graphics and charts, the copyright notice "Copyright © 2023 (or specific year of graphic), CSA Research" must be attached to all graphics. The names of report analysts do not need to be included in the citation, unless the Information’s intended use is an academic journal.

All use of CSA Research Information, including graphics, blogs, and data points, is subject to our review and approval (except for by the media and Clients in limited form).


Uses That Do Not Require Approval

  • Research Reports and Graphics. Clients may include one graphic, table, or portion of report text up to a paragraph from the member-access research in internal presentations only, provided that all such citations adhere to the guidelines for citation of CSA Research.
  • Blog and Public Data Citations. Members of the press, bloggers, associations, and Clients may mention and/or post CSA Research blog entries and data points from CSA Research’s press releases for internal and external non-promotional use without approval. When quoting a blog, include full title of the blog, up to one paragraph of content, list source as CSA Research, and link back to the blog post. All data points should include Source: CSA Research and, when possible, the name and year of research report.
  • Social Media Posts. CSA Research posts on social media including, but not limited to, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook may be shared and reposted in its entirety and with Source attribution without permission.


Uses That Require Written Approval

Use of CSA Research Information does not imply endorsement of any product or service. CSA Research does not perform contract research or write sponsored white papers.

Clients and third parties wishing to use CSA Research Information should seek approval for:

  • All external or commercial citation of Information, including without limitation:
    • Uses of the Information in advertisements, press releases, sales collateral, and presentations in all types of media.
    • Uses of the Information in SEC filings or other legal documents.
  • All analyst-attributed quotes from public or membership-based Information must have written approval from our Public Relations Department.
    • As a general rule, CSA Research Information should be source-attributed to the firm and the report. If an analyst quote is desired for non-promotional usage, such as press release or article, the quote must be provided to the Public relations department within the full context of the press release or article.

In general, if you are uncertain, please seek our written approval.


How to Seek Approval

  • Send an email to
  • Provide the full citation and context for your request.
  • Please include a draft copy of any press releases and other marketing materials, such as newsletters, email campaigns, direct mail, link to web page, etc.
  • Please indicate if you are a CSA Research Client.
  • We will reply by email within two business days. Please inform us if you require a shorter response time.


Limitation of Liability

CSA Research shall not be liable for any damages incurred by or arising as a result of reliance upon CSA Research’s content.

CSA Research warrants that the information is based on compilation and analysis of the best sources available to its analysts at any given point in time. Their opinions reflect CSA Research's judgment at the time and are subject to change. The foregoing warranty is in lieu of all warranties, expressed, or implied, statutory or otherwise, including without limitation, any implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, and warranties as to accuracy, completeness, or adequacy of information.

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