Integrity Policy

CSA Research’s brand is built upon objectivity, independence, and a strong sense of ethics in everything we do. Our integrity policy ensures that our research meets all of the following requirements.

  • Confidentiality. As an independent market research firm, CSA Research understands that the data and information that you entrust us with is strictly confidential. We use the data only in aggregate for research and analysis purposes. CSA Research never discloses or sells data or information about individual companies without their express written consent, nor do we provide individual or aggregated data to anyone outside of our research team. We do not acquire data using improper means and do not outsource methodology development or research design to third parties. We require our research team members to sign non-compete and non-disclosure agreements.

  • Independence. CSA Research does not publish white papers or participate in events that transfer editorial control to a third party or participate in activities that may compromise our independence, objectivity, and integrity policy. Our analysts must disclose financial relationships or transactions concerning any investment holdings related to the vendors they research. Our policies prohibit employees from accepting compensation from third parties, issuing endorsements, or joining advisory boards. 

  • Objectivity. Reports, insights, and recommendations by CSA Research are data-driven. Our independent, objective, and comprehensive analysis covers LSPs, technology vendors, Global 3000 enterprises, and global consumers independently of their relationship with CSA Research.

  • Methodology. We use trusted, structured, and documented market research methodologies to ensure consistent research quality and timely recommendations across markets and geographies. Our rigorous and objective methodologies enable us to provide comprehensive, consistent, and accurate research deliverables for language service providers, technology vendors, Global 3000 enterprises, global consumers, and investors. Each report includes a clear description of the methodology and the size of the representative sample. 

  • Transparency. CSA Research uses the best data available at the time of publication. We update our annual market size estimates and other data forecasts on a regular basis, and we expeditiously correct any errors and report our actions to the public at large.

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