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CSA Research and mct, Inc. Partner to Help Global Companies Succeed in Japan and Japanese Brands Expand to New Markets

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(BOSTON and TOKYO) – November 4, 2021 – Japan, the world's third largest economy, represents a huge opportunity for many exporters. Despite the attractiveness of the market, many companies find themselves daunted by the impression that Japan is uniquely challenging from a linguistic and cultural perspective. As with any market, Japanese customers have some unique expectations. Local competitors in Japan have an advantage in understanding these expectations, but also some blind spots that foreign entrants can turn into a competitive edge if they develop a careful understanding of their customers deep needs. 

To help global organizations effectively reach new customers in Japan, and Japanese companies expand to new markets, CSA Research has teamed up with Japanese market research and consulting firm mct, Inc., a Daishinsha Group company.

Based on local market qualitative research approaches, including one-to-one interviews, group interviews, and diary studies, mct observes and listens to customers and potential customers, turning that insight into tools to support product design, marketing and communications plans, and CX initiatives. 

To mark this alliance, CSA Research and mct will host a virtual launch event with a presentation by Dr. Arle Lommel, senior analyst at CSA Research This virtual event is free of charge to professionals at Japanese companies with an interest in improving their global, competitive position. A recording will be available for people in other time zones. 

Launch Event Details: 

“Globalization Opportunities and Risks for Japanese Companies” (Webinar)
Featuring presentation by: Dr. Arle Lommel, senior analyst, CSA Research
Dec 09 (Thu) at 09:30 AM to 11:00 AM (JST)
Dec 08 (Wed) at 07:30 PM to 9:00 PM (Eastern Time)

Follow the link below to register for this free webinar: http://mctinc.hs-sites.com/csa-research-event.

Human-centered Approaches to Market Growth

"For 20 years, mct has helped companies to take insight-driven approaches to improve customer experience and grow their business in Japan. Our team of experienced researchers have local knowledge and a global perspective, providing organizations the information they need to identify opportunities in Japan and develop a truly differentiated proposition that resonates with customers,” comments Hideaki Shirane, CEO of mct.

This partnership benefits businesses looking to expand and succeed in Japan through the following human-centered approaches to inform decisions and support change backed by quantitative and qualitative research provided by mct and CSA Research, including:

  • Product and service innovation that resonate with consumers 
  • Customer experience transformation 
  • Targeted growth strategies in Japan for U.S. and European companies
  • Global growth strategies for Japanese brands
  • Organization development and sustainable management 

“Japanese global brands can benefit from our comprehensive range of globalization research and data services. With these capabilities, Japanese companies can plot a path toward globalization maturity, identify suitable partners to expand effectively and efficiently in global markets, deliver on the customer experience expectations of global customers, maintain a good brand position, and achieve sustainable, global growth,” comments Tahar Bouhafs, CEO at CSA Research. “We are partnering with mct because of their professional market research methodologies and because they are aligned with our commitment to data integrity and statistical approaches to market research.”

To learn more, contact CSA Research at mct@csa-research.com.  

About CSA Research 

CSA Research, formerly Common Sense Advisory, is an independent market research company helping global companies profitably grow their global businesses and gain access to new markets and new customers. Its focus to provide its clients with market research and verified data to operationalize, benchmark, optimize, and innovate industry best practices in globalization, internationalization, localization, interpreting, and translation. http://www.csa-research.com | @CSA_Research 

About mct, Inc. 

mct, Inc., a Daishinsha Group company, is a design consulting company with locations in Tokyo and Osaka, Japan.  Its mission is to enable clients, through a human-centered approach, to achieve sustainable business growth and become inclusive organizations where people connect, play, and learn. 


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