Linguist Survey

Open Call:

Translator and Interpreter Survey

If you personally translate or interpret, we would like to hear from you!

CSA Research is conducting an in-depth survey of the state and sustainability of language-related professions.

To ensure comprehensiveness and a representative sample in this survey, we partnered with Proz.com and Translators without Borders to create and disseminate the survey.  In addition, many industry associations, companies, and professionals are helping to spread the word. 

Take the Survey Here.


Why participate?

This large-scale survey serves the various constituencies in the market.

  • The research will enable CSA Research to gauge the demographics, behaviors, attitudes, and challenges of translators and interpreters.
  • We will use the data to determine what the future of freelance and in-house linguists will look like and how buyers and LSPs need to prepare for that.
  • Survey respondents will receive a complimentary summary of the results six to eight weeks after the publication of the report.
  • Survey respondents will be entered in a drawing to win an iPad or one of three US$50 AMEX cards.

Who Should Participate?

We are looking for the full spectrum of linguists in all regions of the world.
We need thousands of:

  • Translators and interpreters
  • Freelancers and in-house staff
  • Full-time and part-time workers
  • Aspiring professionals and veterans
  • Pro bono contributors and regularly paid workers