Advisory and Consulting Services for Buyers

Our advisory and consulting models combine primary research, sector-specific research, and proprietary methodologies with the collective expertise of CSA Research analysts.


We map your inquiry to the most knowledgeable analysts. Our tailored research-driven advisory sessions help you solve complex problems and succeed in business-critical initiatives.


Our research-based consulting by analysts is designed to create value, improve performance, and help you implement smart business and technology solutions.


You + CSA Research = Smarter Decisions

Our research-based consulting by analysts is designed to create value, improve performance, and help global enterprises implement smart business and technology solutions.



  • Localization Maturity Assessment

    “It feels like we’re lagging behind our competitors in localization. How can we benchmark ourselves to convince our executives to invest at the proper level?” Learn more.

  • Global Website Strategy

    "We’re already a global company, but we want to increase our international revenue. Which languages do we choose? What parts of our site need to be localized?”

  • Localization Infrastructure Optimization

    “The volumes of our translation projects continue to grow, but we cannot hire any additional staff. How can we improve our processes to do more with less? What technologies can ease the burden?”

  • Translation Business Cases

    “We know how much it will cost to obtain translation services, but the amount falls outside of our budget. How can we build a business case to show that this investment is justified?”

  • Globalization Benchmarking

    “We think we're doing the right thing when it comes to translation and localization, but the CEO wants proof that we’re following best practices and investing the right amount. What can we do to convince her?”

  • Globalization Process Assessment

    “We understand the value of globalizing our business, but don’t really know how to implement it enterprise-wide. How can we support all teams to globalize their business processes to better serve international customers?”

  • Localization ROI Benchmarking

    “Have we sufficiently streamlined our processes to maximize our return on localization investment? Can our organization effectively grow and respond as projects increase in scale? Are our localization processes effective and efficient? Are we making best use of translation and localization technologies?”