Advisory and Consulting Services for Technology Vendors

Our advisory and consulting models combine primary research, sector-specific knowledge, proprietary methodologies and the collective experience of CSA Research analysts.


We map your inquiry to the most knowledgeable analysts. Our tailored, research-driven advisory sessions help you answer tactical questions, streamline complex challenges, and advance business-critical initiatives.


Research-based consulting engagements bring senior analysts to the table for strategic initiatives, helping you improve organizational agility, market vision, segment targeting, and revenue growth.


Partner Program for Technology Vendors

CSA Research's partner program helps independent software vendors develop or progress three-year strategic plans by identifying and prioritizing concrete steps to achieve company mission.

In addition to addressing immediate issues such as increasing operational efficiencies and growing revenue, the program helps companies develop scalable processes, avoid costly mistakes, and maximize the value of their business.

The Partner Program includes:

  • A full strategy day with CSA Research analysts

  • Quarterly reviews with CSA Research analysts

Consulting for Technology Vendors

  • Competitive intelligence analysis

  • Technology roadmap assessment, planning, and prioritization

  • Go-to-market strategy

  • Product benefits galvanization

  • Segmentation for marketing and sales

  • Analysis of language technology market dynamics

  • Customer surveys